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Plastic Grid Paving / Parking

An environmentally friendly way of creating a firm surface for parking or pathways, using a grid paver system that can be filled with soil and grassed as the cell structure and open base promote unrestricted root growth, or can be filled with gravel giving a high quality decorative look.

The paving system will retain the gravel and prevent loss or gravel displacement.

  • Reinforcing Grassed Areas – overspill car parks, driveways, pathways, gateway entrances, grass roadways, golf buggy pathways, lawn reinforcement
  • Foundation System – for garden sheds, greenhouses and other lightweight garden or storage structures
  • Outside Events – festival entrances, paths, arenas & car parks
  • Paving System – for driveways and gravel or grass car parks that constantly become worn, muddy or rutted.
  • Entrance & Path Reinforcement – farm gateway entrances, trough drinking areas, grass roads, grass access routes, golf buggy paths & emergency access routes
  • Parks and Play Areas – safe for use where children are active
  • Sports Grounds –  outside areas alongside pitches or clubhouse with busy footfall.
  • Equine Uses – horse ménages, riding arenas and open stables



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